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Welcome to Saltwaterflies.com's Bookshop! The titles shown below are our "staff picks" - books that can help you improve your angling skills, and bring you greater enjoyment both on and off the water. Wherever possible, we have included a jacket photo of the current edition, as well as a list of contents, and sometimes a short review.
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"When winter winds howl outside, there's nothing that soothes the soul and enriches the mind
like sitting back and relaxing with a good book."

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Saltwater Fly Fishing Books:

Fly Fishing For Bonefish

by Dick Brown

Fly Fishing For Bonefish by Dick Brown

This is one of our favorite titles on bonefish...Dick Brown has written a very straightforward, practical, and entertaining book. With chapters on finding fish, choosing and presenting flies, destinations, and more. Dick Brown has spent thousands of hours pursuing the elusive Gray Ghost of the flats, and it shows. In this book he generously shares his vast knowlege of bonefish with us.
This is a newly revised 2008 edition with many updates on scores of new developments including: new bonefish research, new feeding behavior data, prey preferences discovered, newly created fly patterns, recent destination changes, better fish spotting techniques, info on new equipment available, and much, much more. Dick covers today's most difficult flats challenges with advice on how to sight fish with cloud cover, cast in wind, know when to strike, see fish better, and wade more effectively. The equipment section is all new and the fly pattern sections were expanded to include today's hottest flats flies. The book features color photographs throughout.
Praise for the first edition:
"A classic - Dick Brown tells virtually everything a fly fisher needs to know about the sport ... a superb book."
-John Randolph, Fly Fisherman Magazine
"It is hard to imagine a more thorough treatise."
-Salt Water Sportsman
"If you are into bonefishing, or thinking about it, I recommend reading both Brown and Kaufmann. If you have time or inclination for only one, then read Brown."
-Bob Berls, The Anglers Club of New York Bulletin

Fly Fishing for Bonefish (Dick Brown) $39.95 Add to Cart

Contents include:

1. Fly Fishing for Bonefish: The Ultimate Challenge in Angling
2. Understanding the Bonefish
3. What Bonefish Eat
4. Reading Bonefish Water
5. Finding and Seeing Bonefish
6. Selecting Bonefish Flies
7. Casting to Bonefish
8. Hooking, Playing and Releasing
9. Wading for Bonefish
10. Fly Fishing Equipment
11. Personal Gear, Clothing, and Other Tackle
12. Tying Bonefish Flies
13. Bonefishing Destinations
14. Advice From Some Veterans of the Flats

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Well, we're hoping that you will because you prefer to do business with folks who care about, and share your passion for saltwater fly fishing. We sell all titles at the publishers' suggested retail price - it would be impossible for us to sell any book or DVD titles for less and still make a buck. We offer the selected titles shown above for the convenience of our customers who wish to improve their angling skills, or just enjoy a few moments' entertainment or relaxation at the end of the day. You can't get the advice, great flies & tying materials, or special services that you'll find at Saltwaterflies.com from the "mega-marts", but you can add a fine book to your order and have it shipped along with all of the other excellent products that you've come to expect from the friendly folks at Saltwaterflies.com!

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