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Peanut Crease Fly - Peanut Bunker Popper - Crease Fly for Herring and Peanut Bunker - SaltwaterFlies.Com

Peanut Crease Fly

Peanut Crease

Peanut Crease Fly

Joe Blados's Crease fly is still one of the coolest topwater flies going, and this one tied to look like a small herring or Peanut Bunker is a killer on fish busting shad, herring, and peanuts. Glen Mikkleson ties some of the best Crease Flies that we have seen, and this is his interpretation of the "Peanut" Crease Fly. Tied on a strong hook that is suitable for striped bass, snook, and small tarpon. This is also one of our favorite flies for bonito and false albacore when they are feeding on peanut bunker - watching those fish take a topwater fly like this is a peak saltwater fly fishing experience. Two flies pictured to show consistency; these are sold one to a pack.

COLORS:                 SIZE: #1                         PRICE $8.49 each 
Peanut Crease Fly #1 Olive/White Add to Cart

Peanut Crease

Peanut Crease closeup

The Peanut Crease flies are approximately 2 3/4 inches (7 cm) in length. Tied by Glen Mikkleson. Similar patterns: Crease Fly (standard), Gurgler, Mini Me Popper.

False Albacore!

Doubled up on False Albacore. Photo: Chris Windram

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