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Our Viewers' Photographs

Fly Tier John Morin submitted the following photos of his Feather Brain, "Sponge Bob", and Lobster flies.

John Morin's Feather Brain

Another Feather Brain

Another Feather Brain

John Morin's Sponge Bob

John's Lobster!

Our most sincere thanks to John Morin for sharing more of his unique fly patterns with us!
Here are John's comments about these patterns:

"I never liked the fact that so many flies, particularly deceivers and the like have the bulk of the thread wraps showing at the nose... so I devised a fly I call the Feather Brain (top 3 photos)... What I basically do is tie the interior with bucktail in two sections with some white hackle, then I put on a corsair spreader and "glue" the feathers to the spreader right up to and touching the hook eye...no thread wraps...and the body is saddle hackle with the bucktail inside to give bulk and the proper profile...a bullet shape. The spreader and head feathers are delicatly covered with epoxy - it is surprising light and can be weighted if needed...I want these to look as perfect as possible (the second fly in the series - the one with the thin natural grizzly saddles on the sides - is intended as an imitation of a tiny striped bass)."

"The "Sponge Bob" flies are modeled after crease flies but differ in the following ways: there is a marabou tail instead of the usual bucktail to give more life. The head of the fly is shaped like a fish to act as a diver or darter. The fly is flat, and not hollow like the crease fly. This pattern will act as an injured bait fish in the water...the side colors/patterns are natural feathers under epoxy...with gills made of different Partridge neck feathers."

All of the photos on this page were submitted by our viewers. A special thanks go out to everyone who contributed a photo.

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