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Blitz Buster Bunker

Blitz Buster Bunker Fly

Blitz Buster Bunker #1/0 Olive/White

Fish feeding on big balls of bait like herring and bunker can be notoriously hard to fool, and the "Blitz Buster" Bunker fly is one of the styles we have relied on to "match the hatch" in situations like this for wide profile baits like menhaden (bunker), herrings, pilchards, sardines, etc. This fly has produced well for us on striped bass, bluefish, false albacore (in the smaller size), and more. This can be a useful fly for tarpon in many areas, as tarpon love to eat these kinds of baits whenever they can find them. Tied with soft synthetic hair, this fly has plenty of action in the water. The Olive/White color with side spot is traditional for menhaden; but there've been plenty of times that the all-white version has saved the day for us when fishing the blitz.

Anglers who've fished big blitzes know that it's not always as easy as it looks to get a bite... a couple tips for getting bit in this situation include trying an ultra-slow (dead-drift) retrieve, alternately a very fast retreive. Another thing to consider is fishing the edge of the blitz instead of the middle... these various techniques can help set your fly apart from the mass of bait so that the fish will find it! As is true for many flies, be sure to get the fly wet before you make the first cast of the day - flies tied with bouyant materials like soft synthetic hair or feathers often float if not saturated with water - you want any fly you choose to be fishing correctly as soon as it hits the water. $9.99/ea

Blitz Buster Bunker #1/0
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Blitz Buster Bunker #2
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Blitz Buster Bunker Blue & White

Blitz Buster Bunker #2 Blue/White

Deceiver Special

Blitz Buster Bunker #1/0 White

The Blitz Buster Bunker flies are tied by Mike Ozkaya on the Gamakatsu SL121X hook. The size #1/0 flies are approximately 4 inches long (10 cm); the #2 flies are approx. 3 inches long (8 cm).

Blitz! - Photo: Chris Windram

Note: All of the Saltwater Flies that we sell are handcrafted items - some small variations in size, color, or shape from the flies pictured here are possible. We guarantee your satisfaction with any fly purchased from us - if any fly you order from us does not meet your expectations, you may return it (unfished!) for a full refund.

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