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Bluewater Banger

Bluewater Banger Tube Fly Pink/White

The Bluewater Banger series of big-game, offshore popper flies are just perfect for sailfish, marlin, tunas, and even bruiser inshore stuff like Giant Trevally and big Roosterfish. This is an ideal fly to use on teased-up fish, as it is constructed to look much like the teasers that are used to do this. Classic tube style design allows the angler to rig with preferred hook styles. These big popper flies are top quality, and stunningly beautiful, with a fantastic glitter & scale paint job, epoxy finish for durability, and oversize reflective eye. There's even an integrated rattle to attract fish by sound! Here are photos of some of the other colors: Dorado Green/Yellow; Blue/White; Chartreuse. Please note that like most tube flies, hooks are not included with these poppers, as many anglers rig their own. Rainy's designates these flies as either #4/0 or #6/0... The #4/0 bluewater popper flies are approximately 7 inches long (about 17.5 cm), with a popper head diameter at the widest point of 1 inch (2.5 cm). The #6/0 bluewater popper flies are approximately 9 inches long, with a head diameter at the widest point of 1.25 inch. We offer pre-rigged trailer hooks on heavy monofilament, in sizes from #4/0 to #7/0, but we would suggest a minimum of #5/0 sizing for the #4/0 fly.

Bluewater Banger #4/0 (7") two flies pictured to show consistency, but these are sold one to a pack: $29.95/ea
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Bluewater Banger #6/0 (9") $29.95/ea
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Gamakatsu Octopus 4/0 hook/80# mono shock tippet  $3.99/ea	Add to Cart
Gamakatsu Octopus 5/0 hook/100# mono shock tippet  $4.99/ea	Add to Cart
Gamakatsu Octopus 6/0 hook/100# mono shock tippet  $4.99/ea	Add to Cart
Gamakatsu Octopus 7/0 hook/100# mono shock tippet  $4.99/ea	Add to Cart

Note: Our shock tippet rigs feature about 24" of shock tippet material snelled to the hook. The #4/0 | 80# hook & shock tippet rig should be adequate for most inshore fish up to 40# or so, but if you expect to run into big-game bruisers over the 50# mark, the hooks rigged with 100# test are highly recommended. If you prefer to rig your own, you can puchase these hooks from our Fly Tying Materials Catalog.

Rigging Suggestions: We are offering some Gamakatsu Octopus hooks pre-snelled to heavy shock tippet material that can be used for these flies (see ordering links above). Rigid tube through the center of the popper has a length of flexible tubing hidden inside the fly at the rear of the hard tube, into which the hook eye can be inserted. This is the standard setup for big game popper flies. If you want to rig your own trailers, hooks for rigging this fly can be seen in our tying materials catalog. Heavy monofilament and flurocarbon shock leader can be found in our "Fly Shop" pages. Similar fly patterns: The Bluewater Mirage Tube Popper

Note: All of the Saltwater Flies that we sell are handcrafted items - some small variations in size, color, or shape from the flies pictured here are possible. We guarantee your satisfaction with any fly purchased from us - if any fly you order from us does not meet your expectations, you may return it (unfished!) for a full refund.

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