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Micro Minnow

Enrico's Micro Minnow Enrico's Micro Minnow
Enrico's Micro Minnow Enrico's Micro Minnow

One of the most important fly styles that is often found absent from saltwater anglers' fly boxes are small flies - if you have ever enjoyed success while casting small flies to big fish, you know what we mean! Matching the size of the prevalent baitfish can be critical in many situations, and these small flies from Enrico Puglisi fit the bill! Fish like Snook, Baby Tarpon, Striped Bass, Bonito, Weakfish, and many others frequently feed selectively on small baits, and these flies will help you solve the equation when you find action like this going on. We have also had excellent success fishing these flies to largemouth & smallmouth bass. The Enrico's Micro Minnow flies are pictured above, see below for the slightly larger "Bay Anchovy" fly. Click the photos shown to see closeups.

Micro Minnow #2: (2 flies per pack; $7.49) 
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Bay Anchovy

Enrico's Micro Minnow Enrico's Micro Minnow
Enrico's Micro Minnow Enrico's Micro Minnow

Bay Anchovy #1/0: ($5.99/ea) 
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Enrico's Micro Minnow and Bay Anchovy flies are tied on Gamakatsu SC15 hooks. Fly design by Enrico Puglisi - tied by Enrico Puglisi LTD. The Micro Minnow fly is approximately 1 1/2 inches (4 cm) long; the Bay Anchovy fly is approx. 2 1/2 inches (6 cm) long long. The Bay Anchovy fly features a double monofilament weedguard. Tied by Enrico Puglisi LTD.

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