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Fly Archives

The patterns shown below were all limited edition patterns that we have offered over the past years at Saltwaterflies.com, but which are no longer available. It should be noted that all of the saltwater flies that we sell are crafted by hand, and are often in limited supply. We have archived these flies here just for fun, and as a reference for anyone who might wish to tie some.

TNT Baitfish - Boom! (tied by Taylor Topliffe)

TNT Baitfish!

Sold Out July, 2021

Hoo Fly

Hoo Fly Peanut

Hoo Fly Herring

Sold Out June, 2021

Ragin' Craven

Ragin Craven

Sold Out December, 2020

Swimming Shrimp

Glen Mikkleson's "Swimming Shrimp" was pretty neat!

Swimming Shrimp

Sold Out November, 2017

FPF Tube flies

These were big FPF tube flies for offshore... "Mean Joe Green" and Pink Wahoo colors.

FPF Mean Joe Green

FPF Hot Pink Wahoo

Sold Out November, 2017


Glen Mikkleson's "Skeeter"... a fine little fly to fish for stripers, bonito, or false albacore feeding on small baits.
This tiny epoxy fly is just about two inches long... great for imitating small silversides, bay anchovy, rainbait. The wing is Bucktail and Krystal Flash, the body is acrylic or epoxy over tinsel braid.

Skeeter Epoxy Fly

Sold Out September, 2017

"Bony" Sand Shrimp

The Bony Sand Shrimp Bonefish Fly... simple, sweet little bug for fooling bones. Tail made from Craft Fur, with a body made of Enrico's "Foxy Brush" in the 1.5 inch size.

Sand Shrimp Bonefish Fly

Sand Shrimp Bonefish Fly

Sold Out May, 2017

Couch's EC Baitfish

Bill Couch's "EC Baitfish" are some really nice deceiver-style baitfish imitations that we used to offer. All styles are sold out.

Couch's Bomber

Sold Out

Couch's EC Baitfish Chartreuse

Sold Out

Couch's EC Baitfish Black

Sold Out

Couch's EC Baitfish Baby Weakfish

Sold Out

Scott's Silversides

Scott's Silversides

Scott's Silversides is a perfect imitation of a Silversides, a top quality fly tied by a master craftsman! This fly has been featured in many publications over the years, and is often referred to as simply the "Scotty Fly". A deadly fly for striped bass, false albacore, snook, baby tarpon, and more. This is a classic surf candy style epoxy fly, very nicely tied.

Sold Out

Scott's Bay Anchovy

Scott's Bay Anchovy

Sold Out

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