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Saltwater Fly Museum - Bill's Bunker by Bill Peabody

Saltwater Fly Museum

Bill's Bunker by Bill Peabody

The first fly in our museum was tied by the late Bill Peabody of Portsmouth, Rhode Island. The "Bill's Bunker" shown above is a wonderful example of the talents of Bill Peabody. Bill was kind enough to give me this fly at the Marlborough, Massachusetts Fly Fishing show in 1995. I first met Bill at the Saltwater Edge in Newport, Rhode Island. Generous with his flies and his ideas, Bill was quick to share some of his techniques with me when I was just getting started tying saltwater flies. I recall that Bill was a proponent of the "Rhody Flat-Wing" style of fly. Bill's eye for shape and color helped him to produce many beautiful patterns, and he is remembered by the many anglers who enjoyed fishing his flies. Though I only met Bill several times, he made an impression on me. New England lost a very talented tier when Bill passed away several years ago. I will remember Bill Peabody as a gifted and humble man who always had words of encouragement for other fly tiers and fishermen.

TOTAL LENGTH: 7 1/2 Inches.
HOOK: Possibly Eagle Claw L054 Size 5/0.
THREAD: unknown.
BODY: Bill's Body Braid - Pearl (this is a flat braided mylar material that Bill Peabody developed for fly tiers which is still around today).
TAIL: Four white saddle hackles over two pale yellow saddle hackles.
WING: White bucktail, yellow bucktail, red bucktail, sparse amounts of blue, lavender, and olive bucktail.
FLASH: Flashabou; Gold, Blue, and Purple tinsel colors; Flashabou Pearl (sparse).
TOPPING: Peacock herl.
EYES: 10 mm yellow doll eyes attached with epoxy.

Bill's Bunker backing card.

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This page originally posted April, 2001

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