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Saltwater Fly Museum - Bob Lindquist's Bomber Squid

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Bomber Squid by Bob Lindquist

Bomber Squid by Bob Lindquist. Click here for closeup

I don't recall exactly when I first met Bob Lindquist, but I'm sure that it was at one of the fly fishing shows held each year here in the Northeastern United States. I do remember that Bob's friendly, outgoing manner made me feel at ease, and now I look forward to seeing Bob each year at the shows.

Bob Lindquist is in my humble opinion one of our finest East Coast tiers. His articles about northeast saltwater baitfish have appeared in a variety of saltwater fly fishing magazines. Bob's keen observations on baitfish migrations and behavior as noted in his articles provide a tremendous service to all of us who fish the New England shorelines. Bob has a sharp eye for the subtleties of form, color, and movements of baitfish and other prey species, and a strong sense of how gamefish relate to prey. His studies of key prey species have led to the development of a series of excellent fly patterns, among them flies to imitate spearing, bay anchovies, and mullet. One of my favorites of Bob's flies is the Bomber Squid.

Bob's Bomber Squid is a wonderfully imitative fly which features a more natural coloration than many of the bright patterns often seen in the fly boxes of New England tackle shops. The materials used in the Bomber Squid also create natural movement in the water; a spun deerhair body provides a buoyancy which mimics the tendency of the squid to suspend and hover in the water. Natural saddle hackle "legs", and a marabou "fin" complete the illusion of life by adding subtle movement to the pattern, even when fished slowly.

Bomber Squid by Bob Lindquist

TOTAL LENGTH: 4 1/4 Inches.
HOOK: Unknown; Possibly Eagle Claw 066SS Size 3/0 or 4/0, or similar.
THREAD: unknown.
TAIL (LEGS): 6 Natural Cream colored and 2 natural ginger grizzly saddle hackles. These hackles are tied around a tuft of spun deer body hair which keeps the hackles splayed out in a cylindrical shape like the real squid.
BODY: Cream or natural light deer body hair, spun and trimmed to a cylindrical shape. Each bunch of deer body hair is interspersed with a turn of pearl Crystal Chenille for a subtle flash.
FIN: Sparse bundle of cream marabou on each side of the hook.
EYES: Approx 7 mm holographic 3-D reflective eyes attached to the spun deer hair body with a clear adhesive.

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This page originally posted October, 2001

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