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Needlefish by Bob Veverka

Needlefish by Bob Veverka

I first spoke to Bob Veverka when he invited me to submit patterns for his book Innovative Saltwater Flies. I sent him some flies, and when Bob's book was published by Stackpole Books in 1999, I felt greatly honored to find myself included along with such heavy hitters as Bill Catherwood, Jack Gartside, Tim Borski, and many other talented tiers, including Bob himself.

My first chance to meet Bob Veverka came at one of the Fly Fishing Shows put on each year by Chuck Furimsky and company - I believe that it was at the Marlborough, Massachusetts show.

Bob Veverka immediately struck me as a bit of a rebel, a fellow who did his thinking, tying, and fishing outside the box. I was impressed by the flies that Bob showed me, which were unique and innovative to say the least. Bob's saltwater flies were excellent imitations of baitfish, expertly tied. I have come to understand in the years since then that Bob is a highly respected tier of classic Atlantic Salmon flies, but it is Bob's saltwater flies, tied for fishing the New England shoreline, as well as the offshore waters of Florida and the Baja, that always capture my attention.

The Needlefish is a fine example of Bob Veverka's work. Simple, perfectly tied, and completely convincing, this pattern is surely a killer anywhere that gamefish feed on slim profile, long-nosed baitfish like needlefish and ballyhoo. Pick up a copy of Innovative Saltwater Flies - this excellent book features fly designs by 36 of our nation's most creative tiers...besides the tiers listed above, you'll find flies by Glen Mikkleson, Carl Richards, Steve Abel, Joe Blados, Dan Blanton, Trey Combs, Bill and Kate Howe, Dave Skok, Ken VanDerlaske, and more.

Thanks again, Bob! - Chris Windram

Needlefish by Bob Veverka

Needlefish by Bob Veverka

THREAD: Unknown - possibly Danville Flymaster 6/0 Cream, or monofilament.
HOOK: probably Eagle Claw 254SS 3/0.
BODY: E-Z Body or Corsair tubing; natural, with a folded strip of reflective foil inserted into the tubing which makes the entire fly reflect light like a silvery baitfish. The top of the fly is colored olive with a permanent marker.
TAIL: Fine flash strands (Glimmer, Wing-n-flash, Angel Hair, Lite Brite, or similar)
HEAD: Coated with epoxy to cover the needlefish's "nose" and the eyes.
EYES: Large, pale gold or silver prismatic adhesive eyes.

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This page originally posted October, 2002

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