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The Clouser Deep Minnow

Clouser Deep Minnow - click for 
larger view

The Clouser Deep Minnow is perhaps the #1 fly to use for a variety of species anywhere in the world. Stripers, bonefish, bluefish, jacks, small tuna and mackerel species, flounder, redfish & seatrout, and just about every other saltwater gamefish that you can think of will go for one of these. Takes fish in so many different situations that it would be impossible to list them all here. Don't hit the water without 'em! New for 2015 is the very popular #2 Chartreuse/White color with a monofilament weedguard for fishing in cover and over rough bottoms.

Clouser Deep Minnow SIZES: #2, #1/0, #2/0                     

#2  $5.99 each
Chartreuse/White Add to Cart
Olive/White Add to Cart

#2 W/Weedguard  $5.99 each (See Photo #1; Photo #2)
Chartreuse/White Add to Cart

#1/0  $5.99 each
Chartreuse/White Add to Cart

#2/0  $5.99 each
Chartreuse/White Add to Cart

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The Clouser Deep Minnow is tied on the Tiemco 811S saltwater fly hook. These #2 flies are approx. 3 1/2 inches (9 cm) long. This pattern continues to be one of the most productive styles of saltwater flies ever developed. Tied by Umpqua Feather Merchants. Similar styles: Flats Deep Minnow.

The Classic Deep Minnow

Classic Deep Minnow Tan & White

Our variation on a classic pattern is dressed a bit more sparsely than the commercially tied version shown above. A more subtle "tie" like this is good for hard-fished areas with suspicious fish. We also finish our Minnows with better quality eyes, and a nice orange or red throat accent. The #2 fly is tops for flats fishing for bonefish, striped bass, redfish, seatrout, and more, and we've included good colors for those situations. Tan/White fly shown above... other photos: Chartreuse/White, Pink/White, Olive/White. The #1/0 size is better for deeper water and boat fishing.

Classic Deep Minnow	SIZES: #2, 1/0, #2/0                   

#2 $6.99 each
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Olive/White		Add to Cart
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#1/0 $6.99 each
Chartreuse/White	Add to Cart

The Classic Deep Minnow is tied on Mustad's 34007 stainless steel saltwater fly hook. The #2 flies are approx. 3 inches (8 cm) long...the #1/0 fly is approx. 4 inches (10 cm) long.

Classic Deep Minnow Olive & White

Classic Deep Minnow #2 Olive/White

Classic Deep Minnow Tutti Frutti

Classic Deep Minnow Tutti Frutti

COLOR/SIZE:                		              PRICE $6.99 each

Tutti Frutti (Chartreuse/Pink) #4	Add to Cart
Tutti Frutti (Chartreuse/Pink) #2	Add to Cart

This special "Tutti Frutti" Deep Minnow is a variation on this classic fly - we get many requests for this pattern each year. Very effective for false albacore fishing, specs (seatrout) and reds, spanish mackerel, and many other fish that like to strike bright color patterns. This high contrast color pattern is good for slightly off-color water, or water with some suspended sediment - killer spring striper fly, great for surf fishing. Also quite useful for situations where there are large numbers of baitfish, as this fly really stands out. Tied with premium quality hooks and materials. The #4 fly is approximately 2 1/4" long (6 cm); the #2 is approximately 3 1/4" long (8.5 cm).

Classic Deep Minnow Lemon Lime

Classic Deep Minnow Lemon Lime

COLOR/SIZE:                		              PRICE $6.99 each

Lemon Lime #2	Add to Cart

This special "Lemon Lime" Deep Minnow is one tasty version of this classic fly - we have used this bright color sucessfully for all kinds of fish over the years. Great for fast water, low light, agressive fish, and more. Fantastic spring striper fly. Also great for seatrout, reds, baby tarpon, etc. The #2 is about 3 inches / 7.5cm long. We have had repeated requests for this as a custom color over the years and we hope to keep these on hand as a regular item, but we have only limited quantities available for now

Deep Minnow "White Lightning"

Black-Eyed Deep Minnow White Lightning

Deep Minnow White Lightning               			  

#2	$6.99/ea	Add to Cart

Another very popular and effective variation of the Deep Minnow fly is the "White Lightning". Also referred to by many anglers as a "Black-Eyed Minnow", this is a fly with universal fish appeal. We carry this pattern in our box on practically every trip to every destination, and we have caught a wide variety of species of fish on it. A deadly pattern attractive to Bonefish, Stripers, Redfish, Tarpon, Jacks, and a whole host of freshwater gamefish as well. Stark black eyes against white bucktail, with layers of silver, pearl, and mirage type flash. In new situations where we are not sure where to start, we often tie this on. Tied with premium quality hooks and materials. The #2 White Lightning fly is approximately 3 1/2" long.

Deep Minnow Special

Deep Minnow Special

This variation on the Deep Minnow style features bright, round eyes. Not "bead chain" eyes, these are called "I-Balz" (see our fly tying catalog), and are just as heavy as standard brass "lead eyes" styles. This beautiful fly in the Chartreuse or Pink color is an excellent choice for fish which agressively strike bright flies - stripers, snook, seatrout, spanish mackerel, bonito and false albacore, etc. The Brown/White with copper flash is an excellent fly for redfish & speckled trout (see below for closeup).

COLORS:                	SIZE: #2                     Price $5.99 each

Chartreuse/white	Add to Cart
Pink/White		Add to Cart
Brown/White (w/copper flash) Add to Cart

COLORS:                	SIZE: #2/0                     Price $5.99 each

Brown/White (w/copper flash) Add to Cart

Deep Minnow Special

Deep Minnow Special Brown/White (copper flash)

...I wanted to let you know that I landed a nice Giant Herring on a Clouser Minnow with "E-Z Shape" Pearl Head. These fish are more often caught about 1000 k's north, but we still get a few down here from time to time. Real rockets, like a bonefish that jumps 2 metres out of the water. Good fun on a #5 weight! I've been sneaking back to the same spot in the hope of hooking into a full sized one which are normally just over 1 metre long!

Chris Dunham, Australia

Snapper on Fly

Snapper on Clouser

Note: All of the Saltwater Flies that we sell are handcrafted items - some small variations in size, color, or shape from the flies pictured here are possible. We guarantee your satisfaction with any fly purchased from us - if any fly you order from us does not meet your expectations, you may return it (unfished!) for a full refund.

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