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Tarantula Crab and Mini Tarantula Crab Fly

Mini Tarantula Crab Tan

Mini Tarantula Crab

Enrico Puglisi has a talent for making crab flies, and these "Tarantula Crab" flies are some of the nicest crabs we've seen yet from Enrico. Offered in two different sizes, excellent for bonefish, small permit, pompano, spot, corbina, and more. Very fine rubber legs move well in the water, and the claws and "crab eyes" complete the illusion of life! Monofilament weedguard, the larger #1 flies feature lead eyes, and the smaller Mini Tarantula #4 are weighted with bead-chain eyes. $11.95/ea

COLORS:                 SIZE: #4, #1                         

Tarantula Crab #1 (lead eye)

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Mini Tarantula Crab #4 (bead chain eye)
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Mini Tarantula Crab Brown

Mini Tarantula Crab Olive

The Enrico's Tarantula Crabs are tied on high quality Gamakatsu hooks. The Mini Tarantula Crab #4 measures approximately 1 3/4 inches (4.5 cm) in length, the larger Tarantula Crab #1 measures approx. 2 inches (5 cm) in length. Similar patterns: EP Crab & Micro Crab Fly.

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